Train Accidents

Train travel can provide a fast and affordable alternative to travel for its passengers. Trains also provide an efficient way for businesses to transport goods. Trains are relatively safe; however, the negligent operation of a train can tragically cause serious injury or even death.

Broussard & David, LLC represents people who are injured in train accidents. If you or a loved one were injured as a passenger in a train accident or as a driver in a train/vehicle collision, you should seek legal advice to learn about your legal rights.

The following factors commonly contribute to train accidents:

  • Distracted operation of the train
  • Mechanical error
  • Human error
  • Extreme weather
  • Travelling at excessive speeds
  • Failure to maintain the train or track

Under federal and state law, a train is a common carrier. Common carriers are subject to various laws that regulate the safe transport of people and property. As a common carrier, a train operator must exercise a higher degree of care in transporting passengers, property or goods. If he fails to do so, the train company may be held legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by his negligence.

State common carrier laws vary by jurisdiction. Some states impose stringent filing requirements for filing a lawsuit against a common carrier. In addition, if the train is partially owned by the government, the government may also purport to invoke its sovereign immunity from lawsuits. An experienced lawyer can assist you in analyzing your legal claims and protecting your legal rights.

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